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1977-1980 Santa Monica Community College, Santa Monica, CA.   AA Degree Fine Arts, Member Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Scholarship Society, Art Club Coordinator.   Art class experience included:  Art history, fashion design, commercial graphic design, extensive photography classes including photo graphics (Volunteered teaching a small group photography basics), mechanical engineering, architectural rendering, serigraphy, etching, wood cut & linoleum cut printing, extensive ceramic courses, extensive sculpting classes in wood and stone, oil and acrylic painting, some watercolor, extensive pencil, extensive chalk pastel. 

1980-1988 Santa Monica Community College, SM, CA. continued studies in ceramic mold making, clay extruding, and glazing techniques.  

1994 Norco, CA.  Ceramic Studio, several classes on technique in making clay roses, grass, and ribbon for decorative clay applications.

2011-present Placer School For Adults, Auburn, CA.  Continuing pencil use experiences to better understand drawing perspective, drawing awareness, & improving drawing techniques and eye to hand drawing abilities.


1978-PRESENT   While attending college and after graduation have taken opportunity to expand my art experience in every direction possible.  Paid assignment projects and experience only projects.

  • Logos & related advertising design graphics
  • Cartoon Drawings for Insurance Case
  • Photographs for Court Case
  • Model Portfolio Photographs
  • Baby Photographs
  • Movie Storyboard for Masters Degree Project

& large posters for props in movie

  • Extensive fabric painting and stenciling 
  • Made to order ceramics
  • Matting & framing
  • Sign Design and full size patterns
  • Designs for throw carpets for carpet store
  • Paste up and layout for neighborhood newsletter
  • 5 Miniature Circus Clowns 1½”-2” (sculpty clay and wire) in hopes of being cast in a limited edition.    


1978-1984 Santa Monica College, SM, CA. Many exhibits including the following chronologically listed mediums: wood sculpture, acrylic painting, surrealist sculpture, 1st television covered Mail Art Show, graphic magazine cover, graphic images from photographs, One person photo show (1st student to be allowed to show photographs as an art form in the art dept.) along with etchings and serigraphs, one person show case displaying current series of ceramic pouring vessels (1983).

1978 Seven Westminster Gallery, Venice, CA.  Photographs, sculpture, and paintings.  Two person exhibit.  Series of photographs, original drawings, etchings, and serigraphs.

1980 Inner Works, Santa Monica, CA.  Serigraphs and etchings.

1981 Pacific Art Guild, Westchester, CA. “Mandela #1” Etching (Honorable Mention) “Freeda Cat” Pencil Drawing (sold).

1982 Pacific Art Guild, Westchester, CA.  “Pearly Nautilas” Acrylic on rag paper (Honorable Mention).

1982 Argon Artworks, Venice, CA.  Cast ceramics- pouring vessels and salt and pepper shakers.  (Sold 1 vessel and 2 sets shakers).

1983 The World Photography Society, Capitola, CA.  “What’s Up”  Photograph general category (Honorable Mention).

1984 Foster Goldstrom Galleries, San Francisco, CA.  4 High Fire Pouring Vessels Permanent collection purchase

1988 Kohl Galleries, Upland, CA.  “Fish Streaks” paint on black rag paper (Certificate of Appreciation).

1989 Norco Valley Fair, Norco, CA. “Pearly Nautilas” acrylic on paper (Grand Prize 1st place), “Boned” low fire cast pouring vessel (participant)

1996 Country Magazine, Greendale, WI.  Photograph published.

1997 Birds And Blooms, Greendale, WI.  Photograph published.

1998 Norco Valley Fair, Norco, CA.  “Wreathed Cherub” low fire cast ceramics (1st place), “Stanley” pastel (1st place), “Freeda” pencil & prismacolor (1st place), “Coned Roses” low fire cast pouring vessel (2nd place), “Starship” low fire raku pouring vessel (3rd place).

2002 Nevada County Fair, Grass Valley, CA.  Hand formed leaf impression vase (3rd place).

2003 Nevada County Fair, Grass Valley, CA.  Hand formed leaf impression bowl (1st place), Slab ceramic hanging tiles (1st place).

2009 As If Studios, Grass Valley, CA.  “Suggestive One”, “Suspect In Disguise”, “Warchild”, “Subtle Green”, and “Boned” (sold) low fire cast and extruded ceramic pouring vessels.

2010 Lighthouse Gallery, Auburn, CA.  Exhibited various ceramic pieces and acrylics on canvas.

2013 As If Studios, Grass Valley, CA.  “Suessed, Dr.”, “C Chrome J” (sold), “Caution Coned”, “Inboned #1”, “Inboned #2” low fire cast and extruded ceramic pouring vessels.

2013 Nevada County Fair, Grass Valley, CA. “Suessed, Dr.” mold using underglazes (BEST OF DIVISION, 1st place), Set of 3 sushi plates (2nd place), S & P shakers (2nd place) Arts and Collectibles Category.   “Kids” pencil drawing (1st place) Advanced Fine Arts Category.

2014-2017 Nevada County Fair BEST OF DIVISION 2016 & 2017

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