SUPER SIZED - 2012 48"X72"

Annette Rodgers Purther
Artist & Framer
email:  fart4art@gmail.com
website:  fart4art.simdif.com
Location: California Sierra Nevadas @ elevation 4700 = big snow
Specialty: Lowfire Cast & Extruded Ceramic Pouring Vessels, RollBowls¬©, & S&P Shakers  

My Motto is "The Shape of Things to Cone"


Growing up at Venice Beach, it's no wonder I became an artist. I've always been DIFFERENT...oh my! I received an AA Degree in Fine Art from Santa Monica College in 1980.  I've designed many logos and art-applied creations as a Free-Lance Artist.  Directly after graduating from college, I went to work professionally as a Sign Designer for Colmar Sign Company in SoCal.  I also worked at Ashleys Art + Frame, in Westchester, as a framer; and still frame to this day.


I work in just about any media, but seem to gravitate toward 3-D creations.  I enjoy working physically with my hands, where balance and composition seem to come quite easily.  

Thank you for taking time to take a look.

"Through Her Eyes"- Life-size cast/hand-built Low Fire Clay/Glazes 2019 CA State Fair Winner: Best of Division, 1st Place, Judge's Choice, & Alpha Ceramic Supply Award
"Harlequin" 2019 - Life-size mask, cast/hand-built, Low Fire Clay/Glazes
Margarita Glass
"Boned" 1985 - Purchased by Kamm Teapot Foundation 2009
Juvenile Osprey Creance

I have been actively involved with 2 wildlife rescues in my Northern California area since 2009. 

GCWR=Gold Country Wildlife Rescue serving Placer County, CA
WR&R=Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release serving Nevada County, CA

Just about every county has a wildlife rescue dedicated to helping injured and orphaned wildlife.   Cat caught, window strikes, barbed wire, poisons (this is huge), car hit, electrocuted, tree trimming during nesting season (wait till fall), construction, etc...

I have been so privileged and honored to be part of both WRR's & GCWR's Education Team.  Our team offers wildlife education programs on wildlife education and co-existing with our local wildlife.  This can also involve working with raptors that come into care.  An injured raptor quickly loses muscle and strength when being rehabilitated.  This means that they must be exercised to gain strength before being released back into the wild.  We use falconry techniques to help the process. This juvenile Osprey is being creanced (exercised) for strength training and observation. This beautiful raptor was released back into the wild for a second chance at life.  An educational ambassador is an unreleasable bird due to their injury, yet perfect for educating.  A raptor must be near perfect to be able to survive in the wild.  There are no words for how special it is to work closely with these magnificent birds.

Wildlife education has become a strong passion in my life.  I enjoy sharing my experiences with wildlife as well as the knowledge I have gained through reading and working with other wildlife lovers.  

Created by Berean Purther