SUPER SIZED - 2012 48"X72"

Annette Rodgers Purther
Artist & Framer
email:  fart4art@gmail.com
website:  fart4art.simdif.com
Location: California Sierra Nevadas @ elevation 4700 = big snow
Specialty: Lowfire Cast & Extruded Ceramic Cone Pouring Vessels  

"The Shape of Things to Cone"

Annette Rodgers Purther is back at her art after 25 years. A Venice Beach upbringing, SM College Fine Art Degree and Art Career as a sign designer and custom framer, followed by marriage, becoming a Christian, and raising a family; I am back on the scene as ceramist, painter, & custom framer as of late 2008. 

Creating a volume work is a priority at present. 

THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO CONE has been my ceramics motto since the '80s. The cone being my favorite shape. 

I also work with pencil, pen, photography and other mediums as creative images dictate. My work is for sale and I am continually doing more work however long it takes.The photo's on this site only represent a small portion of my work. Works not labeled N/A are available for purchase.  
Thank you

2014 Dr. D3 - 19" Cone Vessel Cast & Extruded
"C Chrome J", Sculptural Teapot, by Annette Purther, 2013 Art of Tea Show piece, purchased by the Kamm Teapot Foundation
"Boned" 1985 - Purchased by Kamm Teapot Foundation 2009
Margarita Glass
RTHA=Red Tail Hawk Creance

Annette has been actively involved with 2 - 100% donation based wildlife organizations.

GCWR=Gold Country Wildlife Rescue serving Placer County, CA
WR&R=Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release serving Nevada County, CA

Most every county has a wildlife rescue dedicated to helping wildlife that has come into contact with man.  Cat caught, window strikes, barbed wire, poisons (this is huge), car hit, electrocuted, tree trimming during nesting season (wait till fall), construction, etc...

Raptor rehabbing requires conditioning before release.  This female Red Tail Hawk is being creanced or exercised for strength training and observation.

Annette is finding that working with wildlife is quickly influencing her creativity, and her 2D art is starting to incorporate wildlife experiences with a direction toward educating and documenting.

Created by Berean Purther